Each workshop will address the craft of writing across experience levels and across genres of fiction writing, non-fiction writing, and poetry as submissions dictate.

The workshop participants are given instruction in how to write and/or how to improve their writing. Along with this instruction comes constructive feedback from the workshop leader as well as the participants who share thoughts and knowledge with each other in a casual roundtable format.


  • Participants are not required to write about their military experiences.
  • All subject matter is up to the participant.
  • The goal of each participant is learning the craft and improving their writing.
  • Prospective participants must also be able and willing to meet weekly, read and prepare constructive feedback on other participants’ work, and prepare submissions to the group on a rotating basis.
  • The DD-214 Writers’ Workshop meets on Wednesday evenings. Participant’s submissions (up to 20 pages of prose or 10 pages of poetry) are due to the group the preceding Saturday via email.
  • Duration of each workshop not to exceed two hours (though discussion of shorter works may end sooner).